TWG's Front Yard:
The "Flavour" of the Tropics!

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Now, garden friends, visit Paul's personal Eden; HIS very own "tropical paradise" retreat!!

TExotic Cactus Rockery Garden!  Yes, here in Florida!he Grounds:

The Bougainvilleas & Cacti lend an "Arizona/Desert SW Flavour" to his Southern Florida Zone 10B Home!  It is a very surprising discovery for "first time visitors", indeed! 

Paul,"The Wise Gardener", loves the SW USA, and incorporates that indigenous regional "desert look" whenever possible!  It flowers should be non-stop all 12 months of the year---always a new shrub or tropical bulb/rhizome bloom to look forward to regardless of the time of the year!  The tropical look demands yeararound flowering! (Wouldn't you agree, garden friends?)   The look "works" well as a juxtaposition of SW and Caribbean landscaping elements!!

Bougainvillea spectabilis!  Gorgeous, indeed!

Paul, "The Wise Gardener!"


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