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The Triangle Palm: Dypsis decaryi

Neodypsis decaryi, the Triangle Palm, is so-called, due to its very precise three-planed arrangement of its upright-pointing  striking Blue-Green coloured fronds.

Though a true "crown-shaft" is NOT formed, the tightly overlapping and bulging leaf bases form a stocky "triangle" above its relatively short truck!  Another pleasant "designer touch": the leaf stalks are covered with brownish-red "fur" that easily rubs off!  Absolutely beautiful, friends! 

neodypsis3_1.txt (128798 bytes)Distinctive long straps, or reins, frequently hang down from above the short trunk.  The stiff planar canaopy of Triangle Palm results in a very bold and formal appearance that truly dominates its landscape of habitation!  One must plant this palm where its architechtural form can be appreciated to its fullest advantage!

It tends to be "drought-tolerant" in humid tropical & sub-tropical zones (Zones 10-12), but DOES require regular watering until it becomes well-established.  In "dry summer" regions, ie California, irrigation for this fine palm is essential, to avoid decline.  Its planting site should be one well-drained, and regular feeding is a MUST, in areas with poor & infertile soil!!!

triangle.jpg (61197 bytes)The Triangle Palm's fronds are rather severely damaged at temperatures below Zero degrees Celcuis (32 degrees F.), and ever older specimens might easily require 2 full years, or more, to fully renew a full "normal" canopy of fronds after a severe winter's freeze event!

The Triangle Palm's salt tolerance is rather low; its drought tolerance is quite high (once established); light requirements are: Moderate to High; nuitritional requirements are "moderate!"  It has no major "PEST" problems, nor fungal disease problems!

This is a fine, well-proportioned ornamental palm for the average sized homeowners' lots.  In its appropriate climatological ranges, it "deserves" a place in our landscapes!

Paul,"The Wise Gardener!"