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Sealing Wax Palm: Cyrtostachys renda (lakka)

sealing_wax_palm.gif (27066 bytes)Feast your "palm-lovin' eyes" on the photograph
at right and see this species fabulous attributes: the incredible RED colouration of its "lush" clumping trunks!   Wowie!  Yes, palm lovers, they are the colour of antiquities' sealing wax!

Some also refer to this lovely Zone 10-11 palm as the "lipstick palm" for obvious reasons!  It requires much moisture and much dappled sun!  (Its origin is the understory forests of Malaysia and Borneo.)  Our specimen is planted on the eastern side of our house, next to the wall.   Here it can feed off the latent heat radiated from the concrete exterior wall on the coldest of nights, thereby giving our "sheltered" red sealing wax palm a VERY beneficial micro-climate, approximating Zone 11-B!

Sealin1.gif (175870 bytes)An added bonus for our specimen is that it's planted within four feet of the home's  A/C unit heat-pump, which releases warmer air (than the surrounding ambient air) from the condenser coil.  This keeps a warmish breeze blowing around and through it, to keep any potential "frost" away from it!  The result is a palm, subjected to no cold minimum winter evening temperatures, much below 45 degrees F.!  This is a VERY HAPPY palm, at eight feet tall, (and four years old), that should not look anywhere as good as it does at our "semi-tropical rancho"!  Remember, this is Zone 10!!!

Red is one of the rarest colourations in a palm trunk.  The sealing wax palm is a king among the palms': "Royal Family"!  Its beauty is without rival and one's pride in ownership of  cyrtostachys renda NEVER wanes!



Paul,"The Wise Gardener!"