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Hispaniola Palmetto Palm: Sabal domingensis

Sabaldomingensis.bmp Sabal domingensis is native to Hispaniola. It grows well in hot dry inland areas, as well as tropical climates. It can reach a height of 60 feet, so give it plenty of room, although it is slow growing and does not seem to mind cool winter temperatures.

Some Characteristics:

Hispaniola Palmetto Palm, Sabal domingensis


35-60' (10.6-18.2m)

Stout, heavy trunk; very large leaves.

Thrives on sandy soil.

Sabal2.bmp (502514 bytes)The Sabal domingensis is my favourite Sabal family palm, far and away, because it has a semi-gloss green trunk all the way to ground level, and the leaves are a massive waxy bluish-green.  It has, in my opinion, a much more "tropical" appearance, but is really as hardy as Sabal palmetto, Florida's state tree!  The trunk almost has a bamboo-like appearance; almost as if it was polished and Sabal3.bmp (390454 bytes)waxed by hand!  It is really a quite impressive sight, friends!

My first intimate contact with the Sabal domingensis, was at Miami, Florida's wonderful Fairchild Tropical Garden.  I was stopped in my tracks, and stared at this gorgeous palm with my mouth dropped wide open!  I thought:  this CAN'T be a Sabal.  No Way!!  But, friends, it was, and I was converted into a Sabal domingensis "fan" forever!  This palm can grow throughout Florida; along the Gulf Coast, and into Mexico, Cuba, and of course, Hispaniola, for which it is named.  

It is difficult to secure a palm of "mature" size here in Southern Florida, but I will quest for one prize Sabal4.bmp (720054 bytes)specimen of The Hispaniola Palmetto Palm!



Paul,"The Wise Gardener!"