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EXCLUSIVE!!:  A Guide to Desert Southwest Gardening: Arizona Master Gardeners' Guide by The University of Arizona

Ukrainian Pysanky: Artfully & Gloriously Decorated Easter Eggs!!

Desert Landscaping with Native Vegetation by Paul, "The Wise Gardener!"

Xeriscaping for a MORE "Sensible" Dry-Climate Landscape!

Malaysian Mussaenda Shrub Blooms in Coral-Pink Splendour!

A Few Words of "Thanks" from the Founder of!

"Hawaii A-to-Z"!!  Visit The State of Hawaii's Official Site!!

Desert Garden Design: Keeping Watering To A Minimum Doesn't Have To Mean A Drab Landscape!

Happy Centennial Birthday, Iron God Of The Forge!   Birmingham's Beautiful Vulcan Park Has Now Reopened And It's Better Than Ever...With A Stronger & Healthier Vulcan, The World's Largest Cast Iron Statue!!

Warm Weather Calls For SUNKIST© Citrus Recipes...They're REAL "Cool!"

"I STILL Love Lucy!": A Retro-flective by Paul In Honour of The Show's 50th Anniversary!

Let's All Go BANANAS!!  Wild, Lush & Easy To Grow!!

The Favoured Climate Of Hong Kong Allows Subtropical Flora To Abound Everywhere.  Our Links Show You Where To View & Enjoy Some The Very Loveliest Of China's Botanical Gardens!!

Temperatures Rising?  When 'Tis Too Hot For Most Blooming Plants, Tropical Gingers & Heliconias Colourfully Deliver...Year After Sultry Year.

Enjoy Quebéc, Canada For A COOL Change This Summer.  It's A Refreshing Retreat From The Heat Et C'est Magnifique, Mes Amis!

Learn More About The Tropical Tree Of The Americas That Is At The "Heart" Of Universally Beloved Chocolate!

Support Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: "Threatened Plants Of Madagascar" Appeal 

"Garden Blethers" By Patrick Vickery. This Is Great Fun!!

Discover Malaysia's Endau Tropical Botanical Park By Dru J. Murray

Artocarpus altilis: The Storied, "Ultra-tropical" Breadfruit!  'Tis The South Pacific Region's Botanical Treasure So Enchanting That Captain Bligh Just Had To Bring One Aboard The H.M.S. Bounty!!"  Oh, The Rest Is History!

"Grow Fruit In The Home Garden In Tropical Areas": A Comprehensive Guide From!!  Wow!  You Are Going To Love This Definitive Primer!!

Basics in Palm Tree Care By Dr. Henry Donselman  Read About His "Exclusive" Concepts For Healthier Landscape Palms !!

Central America's Resplendent Quetzal: The Mythical Phoenix Bird Of Mayan Lore Lives Elusively In The Cloud Forests Of Costa Rica & Panama!

Desert, USA: Your Complete Guide To The Great American Southwest

Tropical Clumping & Running Bamboo: The Giant Grass That Thinks It's A Tree

Eighth Wonder Of The World: The PANAMA CANAL!!

Explore Southern California's Pristine Offshore Paradise: The Channel Islands National Park. Nature STILL Reigns Supreme Not Far From Los Angeles' Smog & Sea Of Humanity

The Wild & Wonderful Everglades National Park: An Aerial Pictorial As Seen By Southwest Florida Water Management District Photographers!  A Magnificent and Comprehensive View

Where The Americas Meet In Tropical Splendour!

The Jewel Of Asia: Singapore's Magnificent Tropical Botanic Gardens

Visit Our Friend, Banana Joe Clemente's Coastal British Columbia True "Tropical-style" Garden Thriving In The Pacific Northwest

The Unsung Heroes Of The Florida Keys; Read More About Them! The Florida Keys' Wild Bird Centre: A Haven & Life Center For Birds On The Mend!

Are YOU Familiar With The South Pacific's "Turquoise Necklace": The Fabulous Cook Islands?  Discover MORE About Their Exotic, Tropical Beauty This Month In TWG

The Mystery Of The Botanical Angiosperms: When Did They First Appear?

Arizona's Miracle Of Adaptation (And A Joy To See, Too!): The Saguaro Cactus Of The Lower Sonoran Desert

"Oo-La-La!"  Enjoy The Tropics With A Parisian Accent: French Polynesia.

Civano, Arizona: A Better Idea In Tucson Area Urban Living !

Queensland's Great Barrier Reef: A Timeless Tropical Treasure Under The Sea!

Nassau, Bahamas' Intimate & Excellent Ardastra Gardens!  Zone 11 Splendour To Be Savoured!

Miami, Florida's Amazingly Beautiful "Fairchild Tropical Garden"!  The Mainland USA's ONLY Tropical Garden Gets Better & Better!

America's Caribbean Paradise: "La Isla Del Encanto": Puerto Rico!

Louisiana & Coffee...An Unbeatable Team For Over 200 Years!!

Palms & Citrus CAN Flourish On Our U.S. Gulf Coast! Try These Hardy Varieties, And Experience Tropical Landscape Flair, Again!

Discover An Subtropical Estuarine Habitat Teeming With Unspoiled Aquatic Life: South Alabama's WEEKS BAY Wildlife Refuge!

Mobile, Alabama Celebrates Its 300th Birthday!!  Find Out More About The Port City's Yearlong Tricentennial Party!

Marvel At Waikiki Beach In All Its Unique Grandeur & Serenity!!

Brad & Paul Celebrate A Joyous Mardi Gras Season On The US Gulf Coast!

Spotlight on Cacti: The "Golden Barrel" Ferrocactus!

Today's Urban Planning: Too Much, Or Not Enough?

Brazilian Cactus Blooms "Explode" with Night-time Fireworks!!

A "Dreamy" Laid-back Roratonga, Polynesian Kind of Day!!